About Neighbourly Care Southall

Neighbourly Care Southall has been working with older people in and around Southall since 1983. The charity began as a one person operation working out of a private house and has developed and grown over two decades in response to the needs of an ever changing local community of older people.

From one room in a private house to a lunch club based on the council's rubbish depot and a Nissan hut offering drop in services the charity has grown organically to its current manifestation.

We are now in ownership and occupation of one of the most modern, accessible and well appointed buildings in the country following an ambitious and successful seven year capital fundraising campaign - offering services and facilities to older people in one of the most diverse communities in the region and nationally.

The built environment in which we work and provide services is therefore of the very best quality and standard and the challenge and responsibility that has faced and continues to face the charity is to provide the services, facilities and activities to the same standard of quality and to meet a wide range of needs.


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There are many ways that you can partnership with us at Neighbourly Care Southall.

From Advertising to the use of our facilities, the possibilities are endless.

Call us on (020) 8571 1929 to discuss partnerships.

32 Featherstone Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5AQ

Tel (020) 8571 1929: Fax (020) 8843 9618

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