About Neighbourly Care

At Neighbourly Care we serve over 3,500 people from all ethnic backgrounds who come together to share and celebrate their experiences, cultures and lives.

Our Vision

We come from over 65 different countries of birth and have over 30 different first languages. Our centres are a focus for community cohesion and the breaking down of barriers between communities.

Our vision is the creation of an neighbourenvironment and a culture of justice and fairness in which everyone has a voice, everyone is heard and everyone is understood: a place where everyone can contribute to, and benefit from, a vibrant and diverse community. Our partnership seeks to ensure that all of Ealing’s communities have a sense of belonging, that we build strong and positive relationships between people of different backgrounds and that we work towards a shared vision of equity and social inclusion.

Our support for vulnerable adults and older people is therefore based on providing a fully inclusive environment within which we offer structured services which make a difference to physical and mental health and to the extension of independent living.

Our Partnership

goyaUACSAWe have over may years developed extensive and interconnected working relationships with a wide range of partners. Over the last year we have formally and specifically established a consortium  of over 20 of Ealing’s community organisations representing all communities. By working together we have begun the process of delivering our services across the whole of Ealing – from over 15 different locations across the borough.

Our partnership consortium is deeply embedded in our local community and skilled at drawing on local community resources. We have considerable understanding of the needs of specific client groups and great capacity to reach excluded or disadvantaged groups.

To learn more about our partners and their work please click the link below:

Our Community Hubs

Since October 2015 – as part of our strategy to take our services closer to where people liveAAAruskinhall class and to reach and empower local communities in every part of the borough – we have opened or are on the verge of opening 17 separate hubs across the borough. Opening times and days vary – the hubs are open from between 1 and 4 days a week each.

Our central hub and our central office location is at 1 Swift Road, Southall. For a complete list of our hub details, opening days/times and services offered please click the link below:

Membership costs just £2 per year and you are assured of a warm welcome by just dropping in to see what Neighbourly Care may have to offer you.


We offer over 20 different services to our users


Over 3,500 members utilise our services


Our members are from over 65 different countries


Working with Ealing's communities for over 35 years