Healthy Living

Neighbourly Care defines Healthy Living as physical, mental and social well-being.

We strongly believe that Healthy Living is key to an independent and fulfilling life, building your confidence and helping you to make connections with the wider community. To that end we provide a wide range of services in our satellite hubs across Ealing that promote good health in every aspect of life.

Physical Health:

We offer exercise classes which cater to every ability and need, from gentle chair exercise to yoga, dance and health walks. All these activities are delivered by professional instructors and are fun, encouraging and invigorating!

Mental Health: 

Neighbourly care offers a wide range of activities which are aimed at maintaining good mental health, personal hygiene and building knowledge and awareness of health issues and how best to look after your body. We strive to empower our members with the knowledge and awareness required to maintain strong mental health.


We offer a range of services that help bringing older people together. From day trips to dance classes, there is something for everyone.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living
We offer a range of services designed with positive expectations to produce outcomes enabling and supporting older people to live rich and fulfilling lives in the community.


Helping older people from all communities with a range of advice including physical and/or mental health disabilities, advocacy needs and of course welfare benefit claims.

We offer over 20 different services to the elderly


Over 1,200 members utilise our services


Our members are from over 50 different countries


Working with older people for over 33 years